Providing Outstanding Helicopter Services

If you are looking for excellent solutions for your aviation needs, turn to us at Vortex Helicopters Inc. We are a helicopter operations company that focuses on oil and forestry.

Our Services

  • Pipeline Survey and Construction

  • Power Line Survey and Construction

  • Seismic Operations

  • Wildfire Suppression

  • Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Survey

  • Water Sampling

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Wildlife Tracking

  • Tree Planting

  • Well Abandonments

  • Aerial Oil-Sands Tours

  • Aerial Construction

  • Oil and Gas Survey


Our Aircraft

Vortex Helicopters Inc.’s intermediate-class helicopters are available for long line services or sling load operations. Should your mission involve photography, we have aircraft with sliding doors that can remain open during flight.

We offer competitive rates depending on your project scope and location. Our company currently owns and operates the following aircraft:

  • 1 AS350 BA
  • 2 AS350 B2
  • 1 AS350 B3e (Dual Hydraulic)
  • 2 Bell 212HP (BLR)

Note: water buckets, nets, long lines, bucket slings, and other accessories are available upon request.

Each helicopter is equipped with ski/utility external baskets for additional cargo space, complimenting survey or environmental missions. With an internal load capacity of 250 lbs., our Aero Design Ltd. Helicopter Cargo Baskets are the best in the industry. They have ample space and a secure lid to protect your belongings.

Reach Out to Our Team Today

We have four cost levels for each type of aircraft to meet your budget. Contact us today to discuss your specific helicopter requirements.