Safety is our Number One Priority!


Safety truly is our first consideration. Vortex Helicopters uses satellite tracking on all of our aircraft and we keep close contact with the crew via cell, sat phone, and FM radio. We care about our employees, our clients and our aircraft and want them all to come home safely and satisfied.  Pro-active flight planning allows us to enable success on all flight missions.  We also have handheld radios available to keep you in contact with each other and the pilot, should this be required. 

Safety Policy Statement


"Vortex Helicopters Inc.’s goal is to prevent accidents and to eliminate damage or injury in the workplace. In order to do this, this company will maintain an active safety management system. I support the open sharing of information on all safety issues and encourage all employees to report significant safety hazards or concerns. I pledge that no disciplinary action will be taken against any employee for reporting a safety hazard or concern to this company’s management. Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable risks and the elimination of injury to personnel and damage to equipment. To that end, we will continuously examine our operation for hazards and find ways to minimize them. We will report incidents, train staff on safety management, document our findings and our responses, and strive for continuous improvement.  Ultimate responsibility for safety in the company rests with myself as the Accountable Executive. Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each one of us, from managers to front line employees. The safety and health of the employees of Vortex Helicopters of vital importance. Safety is a condition of employment with our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.  It is our belief that all incidents can be prevented and every effort shall be made to:

Identify hazards;  

Tell others about them;

Control or eliminate the risk of those hazards.  

Employees Legislated Rights as stated in the OH&S handbook:


Right to Refuse – existence of imminent danger, Section 35 of the OH&S Act ž “imminent danger” – a danger that is not normal for that occupation, or  ž A dangerous condition under which a person engaged in that occupation would not normally carry out 

Right to Know – about hazards that may be encountered while engaged by your employer or at the work site 

Right to Participate – in the enhancement of the company health and safety program to ensure its success  Management, Employees, and Safety and Health Representatives will abide by our company safety management system, the Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and the Occupational Safety and Health Act and its Regulations. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that the SMS of Vortex Helicopters Inc. continues to be active and in alignment with current safety culture."

RYAN MCASSEY - President and Accountable Executive

The "Extra Mile"


  Our aircraft are ideal for both utility and corporate flying and they benefit from the highest level of Aircraft Maintenance available. Our aircraft have power outlets installed to charge your handheld device. We have four cost levels for the four types of aircraft so we have the versatility to meet your budget. Our Aero Design baskets are the best utility baskets in the industry. They have ample space and a secure lid to protect your belongings. They have an internal load capacity of 250 lbs.